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    2024-03-24 22:00:00

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    2024-03-24 22:00:00

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The University of Basrah organizes a seminar on legal awareness to reduce electronic extortion.

The College of Education for Girls / Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Unit - under the supervision of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Center - Main Site - University of Basra held a seminar entitled (Legal Awareness to Reduce Electronic Extortion) in cooperation with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Basra Branch.

The seminar, in which both the teaching teacher Iqbal Naem Khalaf and the teacher lectured, included
Muntadhar Qasim Mohammed and the teacher Zahraa Jiyad Thamer and the teacher Fatima Jiyad Thamer define electronic blackmail and types of electronic blackmail and then address how not to fall into the trap of extortion.