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Master's thesis at the University of Basra discussing "The Second Ku Klux Klan Organization (1915-1945)"

Master's thesis at the College of Education for Girls, University of Basra, discussed "Ku Klux Klan II (1915-1945)"

The thesis of researcher Azra Nasser Mohsen included the definition of the Ku Klux Klan and its impact on American society and racial and social relations and how the organization was affected by major events such as the two world wars and the economic depression during this period.

The thesis aimed to identify the susceptibility of American society to accept any new racist organization or idea that supports and promotes white supremacy.

The letter concluded the elements of division in American society and the rejection of each other by American elements.

The message conveyed that the organization was a for-profit organization and was able in a few years to raise money, which made it shift from charity to business.

Department of Media and Government Communication