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The University of Basrah organizes a series of seminars entitled "Ramadan the month of goodness and forgiveness"

The College of Education for Girls at the University of Basra / Continuing Education Unit, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Holy Husseiniya Shrine / Religious Reporting Division, organized a series of face-to-face seminars entitled "Ramadan the month of forgiveness and satisfaction"
Lectured by His Eminence Sheikh Hani Al-Asadi and His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Al-Asadi.
The first seminar dealt with the legal characteristics of the obligation of fasting as it is one of the pillars of Islam to find out the legal rulings related to this obligation.
She referred to fasting from the scientific side and its impact on physical and psychological health in demonstrating the interest of scientists in the physiological characteristics and therapeutic effects of fasting.
It aimed to show the impact of fasting on the educational aspect because fasting is a school that teaches patience, will, self-struggle and taming through the feeling of others.

These seminars will continue throughout the holy month of Ramadan every Wednesday at the College of Education for Girls / Al-Zahra Hall.

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