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Avicenna Center for E-Learning at the University of Basra announces the third Basrah Hackathon for engineering and programming projects

Under the supervision of the Honorable President of the University of Basra, Professor Dr. Muhannad Jawad Kadhim Al-Asadi, and the Honorable Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Professor Dr. Ali Hussein Rashk.
Avicenna Center for E-Learning/University of Basra, in cooperation with Google Developers Group (GDG Basrah), the Basra Chamber of Commerce, the College of Engineering/University of Basra, and the Center for Rehabilitation, Employment, and Follow-up, is holding the third Basra Hackathon, HackaBas3, for engineering and programming projects.
Through the practical projects presented, the event aims to keep pace with new developments and technologies in the fields of: computer and communications engineering, control engineering, computer science, information technology and all other engineering specializations and the edges of science and their applications within the following tracks:

• Embedded systems
• artificial intelligence
• Signal and image processing
• Computer systems and applications
• Control theory and applications
• Data science
• Automation and robotics
• Computer vision
• Mobile computing
• Blockchain technology
• Modeling and simulation of intelligent systems
• Bioinformatics
• Wireless communications
• 5G, 6G technologies
• Optical communications
• Cognitive systems
• Microwave and millimeter wave techniques
• Green communications and energy efficiency
• Antennas and wave propagation
• Data communications and networks
• Authentication and access control
• Encryption and information security
• Cybersecurity
• Biometric systems
• Quantum cryptography
• Hiding information and digital watermarks
• Cloud computing
• Internet of Things (IoT)

• Wireless sensor networks
• SDN networks
• Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN)
• Optical networks
• Virtual network
• Vehicular networks
• Other engineering specialties: petroleum, chemical, mechanical, architectural, mechatronics, medical devices...etc.
There will be gifts and certificates of appreciation for all participants, in addition to valuable prizes for the best three projects chosen by a specialized scientific committee...in addition to other surprises that will be announced on the day of the event.
Projects can be submitted through the following link:
Event date: 3/3/2024
Registration starts: 2/1/2024
Registration deadline: 2/25/2024
Acceptance notification: 2/29/2024
Event location: Avicenna E-Learning Center
Center address: University of Basra/ College of Engineering/ inside the Department of Architecture/ first floor.


Attendance time for the event for participating entrepreneurs: 8 am
For more information and inquiries, contact:
A.M.D. Mohammad Al-Abadi