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    2023-03-06 09:18:00

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    2023-03-06 09:18:00

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The University of Basra holds an awareness workshop on the occasion of International Women's Day on the Women's Empowerment Program and the CEDAW Convention

Media of the Women's Empowerment Division

The Women's Empowerment Division at the University of Basra was organized in cooperation with the Center for Educational Guidance and Psychological Care under the slogan ((Iraqi women are partners in sustainable development))

An awareness workshop on women's empowerment programs. The workshop, which was given by the Director of Women's Empowerment at the University of Basra teaching, Wafa Hasj Al-Mayahi, included the definition of students of the third stage in the Faculty of Education, the Department of Psychological Counseling on the programs and role of the Division of Women's Empowerment and introducing them to