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Speech of the international Education

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. 《And say, "Do (as you will), for Allah will see your deeds, and ( so will) His Messenger, and the believers" Education in Iraq during 2019-2020, like the whole world, has passed through exceptional and compelling circumstances that almost wracked it due to the spread of the Corona pandemic( Covid 19), which disrupted economic, social, and educational life, and paralyzed the facilities of life, but the living and life-loving people, including the honorable Iraqi people insisted that life must continue and the wheel of scientific progress proceed. In the university academic community, we have decided to continue our education in order to preserve the future of our students and to proceed with the academic year to continue, and overcome the crisis, no matter the sacrifices, so we resorted to raising the slogan "Reviving Education and Revitalizing it Among the Generation Who Suffers from the Corona Covid 19 Pandemic" to cross the bank of progress and success. It was the electronic learning that the academic stuff in our university and college proved their high and distinguished capabilities for the sake of its success, despite the modest capabilities at the beginning of the use of limited means of communication with students, in order to present the scientific material in a smooth and clear manner, also in different ways, but we made a great strides after a short time, so the means of communication varied, and electronic learning became available, easy, and enjoyable for the lecturer and students. We conducted the quarterly electronic exams at first with great caution and legitimate fear, but , thank to Allah, we had a great success that we did not expect until the final exam came, so our success was greater and our students graduate with the course"Our Education Never Stops”. Today, and after the first experience, the preparation for this year has become different, as methods developed and diversified, as well as seminars and electronic workshops were held for lecturers and students, and the electronic learning became a successful alternative to attendance learning in such compelling circumstances. We asked Allah to end this epidemic, and to return life to its normal, and our students go back to the classrooms to draw knowledge from its sources. Allah is the grantor, the best lord and supporter. Prof.Dr. Abdul Wahid Zyarah Al-Mansouri The Dean of the College of Education for Women-Basra University. Sunday 1/24/2021 AD